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Send email with options add comments

We need the ability to send email to outside our organization for approval.  Therefore we could not use the "Start the approval" flow as it is limited to emails within the tenant;  we had to use "Send email with options "; However, this flow has no opportunity for the approver to provide comments. Would be nice to have this feature as any approval process must have a comment bucket.


Status: New
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It would also be very nice if the Email Body can be modified. and the header text of " Request input" can be removed for a better email view

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This option is very much needed with email with options.

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Our company policy doesn't allow the email sent from and send emails with options is the only option that we can use to send approval via email.


Therefore, with comments under rejection will be extremely helpful to us.


Thanks a lot.

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This feature would be really great. We currently use the "Send Email with Options" to send out internal emails for approving invoices.


The standard "Approval" email which allows approvers to provide a comment does not suit our workflow, as it does not allow attachments or HTML formatting. On the other hand, "Email with options" allows us almost unlimited flexibility in the formatting of the emails and allows attachments to be sent. Unfortunately, our current workflow is limited by the lack of the ability to provide a comment when responding. This would be a major enhancement.


Alternatively, we would of course consider using the standard "Approval" email, but only once it allows full flexibility in HTML design (it is currently limited to Markdown) and the ability to add attachments.