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Send email with options add comments

We need the ability to send email to outside our organization for approval.  Therefore we could not use the "Start the approval" flow as it is limited to emails within the tenant;  we had to use "Send email with options "; However, this flow has no opportunity for the approver to provide comments. Would be nice to have this feature as any approval process must have a comment bucket.


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This is very much needed since we are encountring the same problem!

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I have a workflow in Flow in which I'd like to send emails requesting approval that include an attachment and comments. 

  • “Approval” type emails automatically have buttons for “Approve” and “Reject” and allow you to enter comments when you make your selection which can be referenced later.  But you cannot include attachments in the “approval” emails.
  • “With Options” type emails allow you to send emails with attachments and specify what the options are (so I can specify “Approve” and “Reject” as the options and include an attachment in the email), but there is no way for you to enter comments when you make your selection.

I would think it would be good for both of these to be available, but if not, it seems the request for 'comments' in the "with options" type emails is more prevalent.

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I have used "email with options" for customers document review process (before the approval) but we would like to have the option to add a comment.

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I have same comment with tcs

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We also really  need the ability to add comments with mail with options, or add more options than 'Approve' and 'Reject' to the approval.