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Send email with options add comments

We need the ability to send email to outside our organization for approval.  Therefore we could not use the "Start the approval" flow as it is limited to emails within the tenant;  we had to use "Send email with options "; However, this flow has no opportunity for the approver to provide comments. Would be nice to have this feature as any approval process must have a comment bucket.


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@Akasha Ah, I didn't understand that was a prerequisite. 🙂 There is an option though to include a link. But I agree, the "send an e-mail with options" action would be preferable for other reasons as well. Or if the approval action would be even more customizable. Let's hope for some additional features soon.

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I would need this as well!!

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Well this feautre would be welcome for "send email with options".

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agree - seems such a simple feature - you would not want to reject without at least commenting why

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We really need this ASAP

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It's really imporant and many people need this ability in this action and i am one of them !

Thank you!

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This request has been there for more than a year. Any idea when this will be actioned? 


I think this is a common scenario where organisations will expect users to put comments as part of their feedback. 


Hopefully this will get attention.



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I was able to find a work around by making a actionable email in the message card playground that posted to the comment to sharepoint. My flow would pull that comment in future notifications.  I think the email with options should include an option for comments and then you would have to add a http call somehow. Or it can just reply email the comments back to the person.

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we very much need the comment functionality

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We are also in need of this feature.