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Send email with options with from (Send as) choice

 Would be helpful to have this same choice to change the send from (Send as) option in the Send email with options action.

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This would not be the helpful thing to send the email as "Send as" because this will allow the user to mask their identity or username. This can be a threat to email security. There will be no use of a unique username. If you still have some doubts I recommend you to go to Optimum Customer Support, you will know why it can not be done so.


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I understand the privacy factor for this, but even allowing a DG email or generic email account associated with the Office365 account to be the ''From" email would help immensely in corporate-wide flow emails. This way the developer is still associated with their flow via their Office365 account, but the generic email can mask the front end. Please consider adding the "From" option, Flow!!