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Send mail with options from shared mailbox

Just an idea that I can't seem to find posted yet, but I would like to be able to send options from a shared mailbox rather than an individual mailbox. Not sure if this will eventually will be possible. 

Status: New
Regular Visitor

Yes please add this functionality! 

New Member

This, or let us use "Approvals" but allow the ability to change the "Requestor" to a shared mailbox.

Regular Visitor

Very, very important function. I have 9 technicians which send apporvals to our customer. The main point is that each technician hase the approval in his outbox in outlook, so he can approve by himself. 

Advocate II

Yes please!

This is could really ease up the confusion as to who is the source of the email

Helper I

Yes please add this functionality!

Frequent Visitor

Has this functionality ever been addeD?

Regular Visitor

I guess not yet. I have no information about it.

New Member

I'd like to see this option too. We use an info mailbox from which we want to send a microsoft form.

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Yes need this

Regular Visitor

definitely needed as it is a bummer, that the action is depending on a specific user, we want this action to be triggered from a shared mailbox, so that possible questions etc. are not all directed at one person.