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Send notifications to others

The idea is very simple:


Sometimes you need to send a notification to other members of your company (all having Office 365), so it would be nice to be able of send them Notifications, currently the only option available is "Send ME a mobile Notification". It would work the same but instead of YOU receiving the notification, be able of notificate others (for example that I received a mail from someone).



Status: Under Review

Hello, we would recommend using something like Microsoft Teams to notify other people in your organization. We will also evaluate a native feature, but Teams will give you very rich capabilities.

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This is something Flow should already have, given the fact that a lot of people use it for the automation of PowerApps. 

Any application developed should allow this type of notification from my point of view. Otherwise, if you always have to check for change or download other apps ( MS Outlook) in order to be notified, it loses its purpuse.


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The Flow owner is not necessarly the owner to follow the status of the flow, but it could be a project manager, or a technical leader. if the condition can be improve, it would be a good point.

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I agree that the ability to have Flow send notifications with the same capability as email (ie multiple people, people other than the Flow author) is a MUST have.  This is especially useful when users are on mobile devices and away from desktop email and need/want in-your-face push notificaitons of events.

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Is there a solution in the meantime for this issue?

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Yes please, this would be a great additional feature

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Very Frustrating that this is not a native function.  notifications for all actions or issues to myself is meaningless in a functioning flow.  Testing purposes, it is great.   Please look into modifying so that the functionality is similar to SendEmail and anyone in the flow domain can be addressed 

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For each app on your own mobile device you have a basic on/off switch for push notifications.  You either get them from that app or you don't.  There's no granular control to say "I want to receive notifications from Bob but not from Tim."  What happens if Tim starts sending push notifications to your device from Flow or PowerApps that you don't want to receive?  You would be able to silence notifications but then you might miss the others that you need to receive.  The capability to filter out push notification senders on the mobile app side needs to be there before this feature can be added, and that might not even be possible.

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Hi, I had a similar problem but I fixed it with following solution:


1. Previous to add a condition, I added a variable "TimeStampValue" type String and value with expresion "

addSeconds(utcNow(), 20)" to add time to timer used after.
2. Add a "delay until" using expresion created before. Workflow wait for "send me an email notification" send a mail.
3. Flow gets 1 unread mail from Microsoft Flow (
4. Using mail id get in previous step, I use forward mail to send it to my colleagues.
I hope that this information will be usefully.
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This very much need feature in Power Automate.. hope to see the same soon in production.