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Send notifications to others

The idea is very simple:


Sometimes you need to send a notification to other members of your company (all having Office 365), so it would be nice to be able of send them Notifications, currently the only option available is "Send ME a mobile Notification". It would work the same but instead of YOU receiving the notification, be able of notificate others (for example that I received a mail from someone).



Status: Under Review

Hello, we would recommend using something like Microsoft Teams to notify other people in your organization. We will also evaluate a native feature, but Teams will give you very rich capabilities.

Advocate I

Clearly a must have.


Advocate IV

Absolutely. Currently the notification seem to only work for the creator of the flow, not even the person who initiated the flow.


Without this notifications are frustratingly unusable

Not applicable

This should behave much the same way as the regular e-mail action where you can enter the details of any user.

Frequent Visitor

Being able to Send notifications to Others is a must have for adoption of Flow in our organization. 

New Member

At least I want it be able to send notification to all the owners.

Advocate II

This is a must have.

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when is this being introduced by Microsoft Flow team?

Advocate V

Please set this up.  This would be so helpful.  Right now I would have to send an email to a group which is a major problem because email is not the preferred method anymore.

Regular Visitor

Everyone vote on this one, so they can make it happen and we can happily, efficiently, productively move on with our lives! 😄

Advocate IV

Voted!  Hopefully its something they can add.