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Set Reviews/Approvers per file

Currently our sharepoint contains a number of files, where each file has a different viewer and approver


Can a way be implemented to set a reviewer and approver per file

So that when the document is requested for approval the process automatically kicks off

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Probably just had to sleep on it but I may have found a way around it


Add 2 new columns and set their value to be a person, in the settings of the column modify that it can contain multiple people


Within flows this can then be used to itterate through the people in this column to send initial reviewal requests and then approvers


This is still yet to tested with multiple users as to whether it generates one approval or whether it generates multiple depending on how many people are listed in that column... which would be a big issue

Helper II

Question, in the approval flow, is there is a way to change Approvers Emails depending on the document? Can the Approval Flow read the email list from ... (Text File or Excel Table)