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Set custom Slack icon for messaging

I tried out the Slack messaging in Flow today and it worked surprisingly well! I would LOVE it if we could set the icon for the account that the message is posted under (right now it is a generic hash tag icon "bot" account). It sounds like a small thing but it makes or breaks the reaction from our users. 

Status: New
Power Automate

@quetzal This is possible today. Click on the ... menu for additional features.  

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@Sunay Really??? Yay thank you! Converting millenial start-upers to Microsoft products, one hip icon at a time... 😉


This is how I got them to like SharePoint. lol. 

Power Automate

@quetzal: It is indeed. Screenshot for proof 🙂 

PS. One thing, I discovered while playing around with this is that Slack seems to bind/cache icons with the bot name. So if you are changing the icon url without changing the bot name, the cache on the Slack side may not have expired and you will not see the icons change. Changing the bot name seems to force the expiration of the cache. Glad I could help with the millenials !



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@Sunay Cool I tried it by just setting the icon URL and it worked great, thanks again for the tip!

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Can anyone confirm this feature is still working?

I've tried multiple things listed above and am still getting the generic Flow icon in the Slack message...

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have you tried the "slack format" for icons? for example: :spiral_note_pad: does work.