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Share Flows between users

Is there a way to share Flows?


For Corporate it's not good to assign flow to single user. It would be great to make flows for group of people to monitor and maintain Flow


Status: Completed

This is now available in preview! See here for more details:


Can we share some flow to co-worker, and can edit or view the flow?

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Hello, the Flow product team has been working on flow sharing scenarios and we need your help to build it out ! Please take this 6 question survey to help us understand how you'd like to share flows. 

Survey Link : 

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Your link does not work


"The survey was not found. Please verify the URL is correct."

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Apologies - the URL was encoded for some reason.
Can you try this - ?
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Is there a way to share Flows at present?

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Still not working, but something is moving in a good:

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I love the idea of sharing Flows with other users. Especially those who are not technically minded or simply don't have the time to fiddle with Flow. I have taken the survey and it works. Use this link from one of the previous posts. I can't wait for a share feature.

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Whilst the scenario described in the group is great, what would be even more useful is to be able to have a flow owned by an Office 365 Group/Azure AD Group. Therefore members of that group can access the flow. 


This is because employees leave organisations and the flow should be able to continue to work even after the original author of the flow has left the organisation. 


Also it has been suggested in the Ignite Conference that Flow should replace SharePoint Designer workflows. SharePoint Designer is managed at the team/site level by the site's administrators instead of just the person who created the flow.





Advocate I

I fully agree with you John. All of the ideas are good.


Maybe when a Flow is created, the user has options to share to their team and transfer that Flow to the admin who owns that group.


Don't restrict all Flow access to just the owner for each group because some of them may not know how to use Flow nor have the time to look at it. Sometimes there are people who find good uses for something as powerful as Flow and allowing them to make Flows that the owner of the group can use it an important thing to considder.


I like the idea to share Flows with your team however I think it's also very useful for the individual person who takes a look at Flow and finds uses that really helps them to automate jobs, making their work load a bit easier to manage.


In summary, I think individual users should have access to explore Flow as they do now but have options that allows them to share and transfer owner rights to their group.





I just got done creating a flow and then looked for options to give others in my team ownerships or contribution rights to the flow. Unfortunately I could find any options and then stumbled upon this thread.

I completely agree with the ability for team level ownership of the flow. I just authored a flow and I don't want to be the only person be able to modify it as I may not be available all the time to work on the flow. I may want to delegate the maintenance of the flow. Also, people change positions!

Can't wait to have this functionality available. Until then I will be a bit hesitant to create flows for my team's consumption as I don't want my team to have dependency on the flow without the ability to fix or modify them as needed.