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Share Flows between users

Is there a way to share Flows?


For Corporate it's not good to assign flow to single user. It would be great to make flows for group of people to monitor and maintain Flow


Status: Completed

This is now available in preview! See here for more details:

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We are just starting to work with Flows and it would be imperative for us to share Flows with other users. Would it be possible to add the ability to see/modify Flows based on the user login? That way if a user leaves the company or changes positions the ability to use flows would automatically change.

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Hello all,

Thank you for your responses and feedback ! We are very exicited to see so much interest for this feature.

We, on the product team have been working to enable this feature over the last few months and will be releasing it very soon ! Please stay tuned 🙂

Thanks !


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Status changed to: Started

Having flows that can be owned by multiple team members is coming very soon. 

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How is it going to work?  Will it be that an authorized user an submit the flow but it runs off a system account for authorization as opposed to being tied to a user or multiple users?  If team members passwords change will they have to come back and update the flow with the new credentials?


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Thank YOU!!! You have saved me few extra hours per week!


Now i can share flows with my coleagues!


Feature is not fully finished, have some bugs at connections  after sharing, so half of shared flow connections must be recreated



 You are going right way!

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Status changed to: Completed

This is now available in preview! See here for more details:

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We are very excited to have released this feature ! Please let us know if you have feedback around Team Flows and what features you would like us to add in this space.


Links to documentation :



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I just tried using Flows to work with Teams. (I want SharePoint library publish/approve workflows that don't use email for notifications). I had hoped that the team flows would be usable, but unfortunately hit a few problems. I have been able to implement a 'notify team for review' flow, but cannot make it work how I want without having every team member create their own flow. These are the main issues so far:

1. The account stays with the flow definition - I want it to run as the (federated) account of the person launching the flow.

2. I want to allow all the team to use the flow, but only one or two people allowed to edit it

3. I can't find a way of hooking the major/minor sharepoint library publishing status into the flow

4. I want to be able to include @person references in the Teams post


I appreciate that it's early days yet, and I am encouraged by the direction here, but using Flow to more tightly integrate SharePoint and Teams is a high priority for me now.





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I second ChrisE's comment: Flows needs more levels of control and to run in the user's context.


I've made a 'When email arrives, do something', and I ideallly want multiple to use it. But as of right now, I have only one option, which is to have everyone duplicate the Flow and add connectors to their own email.

Which simply won't work, because if I need to update the flow, each copy for each user needs to either be updated or replaced.


Secondly, we need more tiers of shared rights, as ChrisE again mentioned. I want to share with people who can: own/edit, read/run, run-only. The latter case would allow hiding of sensitive API keys for HTTP connectors from all users.