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Share Flows between users

Is there a way to share Flows?


For Corporate it's not good to assign flow to single user. It would be great to make flows for group of people to monitor and maintain Flow


Status: Completed

This is now available in preview! See here for more details:

Level 8

We are just starting to work with Flows and it would be imperative for us to share Flows with other users. Would it be possible to add the ability to see/modify Flows based on the user login? That way if a user leaves the company or changes positions the ability to use flows would automatically change.

Power Automate Staff

Hello all,

Thank you for your responses and feedback ! We are very exicited to see so much interest for this feature.

We, on the product team have been working to enable this feature over the last few months and will be releasing it very soon ! Please stay tuned 🙂

Thanks !


Level: Powered On


Power Automate Staff
Status changed to: Started

Having flows that can be owned by multiple team members is coming very soon. 

Level: Powered On

How is it going to work?  Will it be that an authorized user an submit the flow but it runs off a system account for authorization as opposed to being tied to a user or multiple users?  If team members passwords change will they have to come back and update the flow with the new credentials?