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SharePoint Action: Replicate Item

Would like to see an action to replicate an item (or file) in Sharepoint.


Right now, there is only Create Item, however the issue lies if you basically want the same item from one list to be completed on another. Each item is given an ID on its own respective list. If an item on one list is updated, you want the same item updated on the other list. However, to update an item you have to indicate the item's ID in the flow, and the IDs won't necessarily match. So when you replicate the item, the IDs would be replicated as well, to ensure the connection between the two items. I know the Apply to Each action can be used as a solution here at times, but I've found a few times where updating the same item over two lists is harder as IDs don't match so I have to create a workaround. Or if there is a previous action of getting items, how will the flow know which item is to be updated? I don't want to risk it.


Hopefully this makes sense here, if anyone knows a way to do this already, let me know. 

Status: New