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SharePoint Action to 'Declare as Record'

As the final step in many processes - especially with in place records - it would be really useful to be able to declare a document as a record in an action.

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We are waiting for this feature and many clients I speak to require this feature
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While you're at it: the actions "Undeclare a record" and "Check if a item is a record" could be great too...

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A possible workaround might be a CSOM-powered Azure Function invoked via HTTP. I'm finding that every non-trivial Flow I do has some sort of unsupported action requirement, and Functions work really well for this.

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not being able to declare a record via workflow (given that SPF workflows had been disabled for Groups/Teams) this seems to be a must.

We implemented numerous Records Management systems, I am sure ERM is here to stay. Is there an alternative way (that does not require introducing additional infrastructure/technical debt - like Azure Functions) that this can be resolved or should we ask our client community (ie 5k votes that represent 1% of future user base, to click that Vote button)?

We wish a happy implementation to the Engineering team!

All the best,

#recordsmanagement #GDPR #missingbasiccapabilities

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Agreed with DLaskewitz - declare, undeclare, and record status would all be incredibly helpful on the administrative level as well as for reporting/auditing of records.  #missingbasiccapabilities

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Also agreed with DLaskewitz. This feels like basic functionality that should be available

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I could solve the problem creating a separate library with Automatic Declaration (under Record declaration settings) and copying there the documents, so they are automatically set as record. After one and a half year of waiting, I don't think MS is really caring about this issue.

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+1. We have multiple flows and we need it badly. This is the 3rd year running since 2017, someone should pick it and add now.