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SharePoint Action to 'Declare as Record'

As the final step in many processes - especially with in place records - it would be really useful to be able to declare a document as a record in an action.

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This is really a pain not having this functionality.  I know dear Microsoft want to push using Retention Labels rather than individual site Record settings, but if you are a site owner with IT saying we only support SharePoint sites we build, you are stuck with whatever generic settings were left enabled.  If CSOM (Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.RecordsRepository.Records) has it , why isn't there also a SharePoint REST API function call?

I just want to lock a list item from edits/deletes after it goes though a Flow approval process.  Why is that so difficult to implement? 

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I can suggest two workarounds.


Looks like there is no REST API for declaring document as a record. Thus, it is impossible to use Call SharePoint action from Power Apps.


The first workaround is described in this Stackexchange discussion. Create an Azure Function that uses C# code and CSOM to declare a document as a record. Then call this Azure Function from your flow. 


The second workaround is to use the third party paid solutions like Plumsail Actions. Just add an action called Declare SharePoint Document as Record from the "Plumsail SP" connector.


Disclaimer: I'm a part of the Plumsail Actions team. I suggested it because this is a quick alternative to the complex Azure Function workaround. 

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I think I found a native Flow solution:

  1. Trigger: When an Item is created or modified
  2. Condition: Content Approval Status is equal to Approved (if No do nothing, otherwise do the following)
  3. Send an HTTP request to SharePoint (to break security inheritance): POST this URI: _api/web/lists/getByTitle('<your list name>')}')/items(<item ID>)/breakroleinheritance(copyRoleAssignments=false, clearSubscopes=true)
  4. Grant access to an item or a folder:  grant only read access for users


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Now that SharePoint 2010 workflows are being retired, this feature needs to be available in flow. We have some SP 2010 workflows that need to be migrated before November 2020. At the moment, the function is only available via CSOM and not even REST api which is a shame.

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This does suck, but there is a workaround. Create another record library with the same structure this is the drop off. Enter your file into this one and have it not declare the item as a record.


Then use the move command to move it to the actual record library and in that you say that documents are automatically a record.


It's not 100% want you want but works for my needs.