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SharePoint Choice List Missing

I wanted to create a flow that would change the "Status" field from 'Active' to 'Filed' once the user puts in an Issue End Date (because the status field is not on the power app form). However, the Status Field (which is a choice list with 2 choices: Active and Filed) was not available in the Update Item fields in the flow.


Is that intentional? I knew we couldn't use managed meta-data or people fields, but didn't hear anything about choice fields not being available for update.


Thank you in advance,


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I also found out that choice fields are read only so I can't use the Patch() function in a custom Power App to write to the choice field on SharePoint. I work around this, but it would be preferable to have choice data types available for all operations please.


Please add the choice type item to "Update Item" action with SharePoint List.

In current, only text type items can be selected.pic2.png

I think following scinario.
If "Status" item is changed to "Released", "Publish" column is changed to "Publishable" automatically by Flow.

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Two things:


1) When using a workflow to update a SharePoint list item, any selection for a Choice field is deleted during the update. This prohibits building a workflow to update an item with any Choice field. Is there a workaround for this?


2) Update Item in a workflow currently does not allow for Choice field updates. Will this be accounted for soon?


Thank you -

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having the same challenge.  I noticed that it removes the value of the choice field and people/group lookup.  If only there's a way to select which fields to update in the "Update Item" Action.

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I am sorry Microsoft dev team on the Flow program, but you guys need to get your act together.  And whoever the Program Manager is, please take some more pride in yourself and the product you represent.  This breaking change was just recently introduced as I have a few list items from a couple weeks ago that have no issues with "Sharepoint update item" when an update is written back to the list item while keeping the original choice field .value.  Now with this Flow build that exists today in production not only are the original values wiped clear when an update is written back, but I had to develop around this to get the workflow to function correctly again.  I had to change each choice field type to a standard single line text data type just to keep the original values from being overwritten.  Now instead of my users simply selecting a value from an enum list they have to type in the value.  Not just that, but the value better be typed in correctly or my workflow logic will fail since it is keying in on that value exactly which was simple when a choice was used before.  Now I pray to the Flow Gods that the user types in the value correctly.  It's called regression testing and apparently it isn't being practiced well for this product.  The crazy thing is that I love the direction that Microsoft is taking with Flow, but when you are making mistakes like this it is simply unacceptable.  We deserve better!  Hopefully I receive a response soon as to when this regression bug is going to be corrected.

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Figured out a work around to make it work for my needs.  I used a combination of Flow and Sharepoint Designer Workflow as a work around.  I wanted Flow because I wanted the Approve and Reject button which I'm having a bit of difficulty using plain old Sharepoint Designer.  To address the missing value in the choice and people/groups column, I just created a temp text field where I would copy the values first using a workflow then after Flow has executed, copied them back to it.  A dirty work around which could have been avoided if only Flow was designed to work properly.

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Please vote on this so it is noticed and remedied.

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todmar why do I need to vote on a bug introduced through a miss in regression testing.  I understand voting up new features, but something seems a miss when I am having to vote up a bug fix.  Keep voting so your bug get's fixed before the next one...something doesn't seem right there.

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You and I are in agreement. I just want to make sure someone addresses their screw-up and gets it fixed.

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very good.  I have voted this up.