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SharePoint Choice List Missing

I wanted to create a flow that would change the "Status" field from 'Active' to 'Filed' once the user puts in an Issue End Date (because the status field is not on the power app form). However, the Status Field (which is a choice list with 2 choices: Active and Filed) was not available in the Update Item fields in the flow.


Is that intentional? I knew we couldn't use managed meta-data or people fields, but didn't hear anything about choice fields not being available for update.


Thank you in advance,


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Any date?

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Any date for this rollout yet? This is a showstopper for us regarding rolling out Sharepoint 0365 to our users. 

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Was this literally just rolled out?  I now see choice columns in my "Update Item" Field

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Yes we just hit 50% of PROD today and will be hitting other parts of production later this week 🙂

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Status changed to: Completed
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You can now choose to update a SharePoint list item choice field in a Flow, but it crashes!!!

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@RKushner, how is it crashing? Do you have any screenshots or error messages? 

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@RKushner - are you encountering a known issue mentioned near the end of this article?

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Yes, but I tried the workaround indicated in the article and it did not work for Logic Apps. Then I tried the work around in Flow, and it did work there!!!


The error says "BadRequest", and then:


  "message""A value must be provided for item.\r\nclientRequestId: bcdf0168-3a58-4d70-9722-abfe7398b7d8",


but values were provided for all fields. And when I remove the update to the choice field, the Logic App works fine. And when I try the workaround to delete and recreate the list item update, the error is unchanged.




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Though this action works now, ANY CHANGE to a List that has a Choice Column used in a Flow, even if that Choice Column is not used in the Flow, just a field in the List, blows up the Flow.  For instance, if I delete a Choice Column from a list, every Flow that depends on that list and uses the Update List Item action stops working.  The only way I have found to fix them is to literally delete and recreate all the Update List Item actions in each Flow.  This is a TON of work.  


I could understand if the List Column changed (deleted for instance) is used in the Flow Action, obviously that would have to be fixed.  But when the List Column is not used in the Flow, it shouldn't break the Flow.  It's really frustrating because you don't realize this issue likley until you've created a lot of Flows.