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SharePoint Conditional trigger

It would be very powerfull to have a trigger that starts conditionally.


For example:

I don't want a Flow to always trigger when an item is modified. Only when a specific condition is met, like Status = Completed


conditional trigger.png


I can now do that by using the When an existing item is modified trigger and setting a condition after the trigger, but it would be nicer that you can configure your condition within the trigger.

Status: Completed

This idea has been completed as shared by @FastTrack and @shirefox . Thank you for the eagle eyes, community!

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For Sharepoint and CDS we should be able to configure events that trigger flows rather than needing to check the list every 5 mins if changes have occured. Using event triggers we could then define exactly which events would cause the flow to run and could include any filters we wish.

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It would be very helpfull if the you made a change in microsoft team shifts app, a notification on the users email should arrive which has a change in shift

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Every single flow of ours can use this feature

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we don't have the connector "when an existing item is modified" available? that would be really handy

@Jesseany idea why?



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@LoviseH I think rikdekoning is suggesting this as an idea. This would be amazing. I've voted.

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@jesse and @rikdekoning : great mock-up, I thought it was real and got way too excited Smiley LOL


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This is very simple to do now by simply making the first action after the trigger a condition. Checking the condition actually represents an action the way that Flow logic works so this would be relatively high effort to implement and might cause issues with how it would be handled by the flow history.

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@J_Gilmore I'm aware of your  workaround (see last section of my post) but that is exactly what I don't want because it will trigger your Flow on any edit. I only want the Flow to be triggered on certain conditions. 

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I'm new to SharePoint, but when I first started, I created all of my flows in SharePoint Designer.  In SP Designer, I was able to trigger on the change of a single field instead of checking the entire item.  I could also update a single field within the record instead of updating the entire record.  I believe the trigger went something like this:  When {fieldA} is not equal to {current.fieldA}  This compared the value of fieldA in the record to the value of fieldA in the PowerApps form.  It was strongly suggested that I change all of my flows to Flow and not use SP Designer.  Now my flows are extremely long and cumbersome instead of the SP Designer version that was only 2 or 3 lines.  To sum it up, the flows need to have more granularity, down to the field level.