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SharePoint Conditional trigger

It would be very powerfull to have a trigger that starts conditionally.


For example:

I don't want a Flow to always trigger when an item is modified. Only when a specific condition is met, like Status = Completed


conditional trigger.png


I can now do that by using the When an existing item is modified trigger and setting a condition after the trigger, but it would be nicer that you can configure your condition within the trigger.

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Level 10

For Sharepoint and CDS we should be able to configure events that trigger flows rather than needing to check the list every 5 mins if changes have occured. Using event triggers we could then define exactly which events would cause the flow to run and could include any filters we wish.

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It would be very helpfull if the you made a change in microsoft team shifts app, a notification on the users email should arrive which has a change in shift

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Every single flow of ours can use this feature

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we don't have the connector "when an existing item is modified" available? that would be really handy

@Jesseany idea why?