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SharePoint Files - all fields not just a few

When working with the Flow SharePoint File connector (On File Create), I notice it is very limited as to the "fields" available.


In SharePoint, we often create new metadata fields for our libraries - like Customer, Value, Assigned To, and so on.


I tried making a Flow such that as a Salesman adds a new Proposal to SharePoint (Word doc format), it would create a Microsoft CRM Opportunity to track it.  However, not enough data is available from the SharePoint file metadata to add to the Opportunity.


Specifically, SharePoint files have Created Date/By, Modified Date/By, but these aren't available in Flow.  In additon, we have added Customer (text field) and Quoted Value (Number field) to the document library in order to capture the meta-data and show it in the SharePoint view.  I want to add these to the Opportunity.


The SharePoint List connector grabs all the fields/meta-data - the Files connector does not.

Status: Completed

Hello - this feature is now available. You can read more about it here:

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I need this as well, because I would like to dave emails AND attachments to SharePoint lists. To achieve this, I create a file in a library for the attachment and an item in list. In the list all meta data is available.

Then, we use SharePoint WF to update metadata of the file in the library to get email text, date, adress, etc. in one place.

Anybody a better idea?
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Yeah I agree, alot of what I used to do in SharePoint Designer workflows was making decision on the custom meta data entered against the file. So for example If a feild has a particular value send it to one person if another send it to someone else. 


Also it would be good to be able to trigger off those values as well. For example, have a field "send to supplier" when set to true it emails the suppler the file and then sets the feild back to false.



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Can someone tell me if there is any progresion on this point?

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Same here!  Will this be in development any time soon?  This would be a huge improvement to help get away from the old sharepoint workflows.  I was trying to use "Content type" and was disapointed it was not the Sharepoint Content Type, rather just the type of file.  Upvote!

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To make use of flow on Doc libraries on SPO, we made a 3-state approval on a custom field. We can't make use of it to do subsequent steps without those custom fields appear on FLOW.


Please make it avaiable.

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Will the ability to update Sharepoint lookup fields and lookup field with multiple choice be a part of this?


This would extend the ability of MS flow for SHP in orders of magnitude 🙂

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I dont see a lot of support or answers in here.


My challege is using Flow to detect a change in a Sharepoint list -- a Task list.  If a new record is added, Use office 365 to send the person assigned a task an email describing the task.


Crazy enough, it cant be done currently.  Flow will trigger based on the change of the task list, but the email connector doesnt get provided the email address of the person being tasked.  Although flow "sees" the dynamic content fields and you can embed them in an email, those fields never have any values.


If you want to test this, just try and show the contects of "Assigned Email" field from a task list in flow.  Always blank regardless of what is actually in that field.


This means flow never transfers or senses values for certain fields from SharePoint task lists.


ANY helo, workaround, enouragement is appreciated.

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Default Sharepoint Task list sets the collumn Assigned to to a multivalue lookup field, as of now MS flow cannot extract values from multivalue lookup collumns. 


Partial Workaround is to disable Multivalues in collums setting on TaskList in SHP to not allow multiple values, after that ms flow will be able to get the value (and if the collumn is a people picker as it should be in TaskList you will get DisplayName Email Deparment JobTitle and couple of others). Of course this means you will be able to assign given task to only a single person (dont know about groups, but I would assume it wont work, so you might need to set the AssignedTo collumn to Persons only to get it to work).