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SharePoint Files - all fields not just a few

When working with the Flow SharePoint File connector (On File Create), I notice it is very limited as to the "fields" available.


In SharePoint, we often create new metadata fields for our libraries - like Customer, Value, Assigned To, and so on.


I tried making a Flow such that as a Salesman adds a new Proposal to SharePoint (Word doc format), it would create a Microsoft CRM Opportunity to track it.  However, not enough data is available from the SharePoint file metadata to add to the Opportunity.


Specifically, SharePoint files have Created Date/By, Modified Date/By, but these aren't available in Flow.  In additon, we have added Customer (text field) and Quoted Value (Number field) to the document library in order to capture the meta-data and show it in the SharePoint view.  I want to add these to the Opportunity.


The SharePoint List connector grabs all the fields/meta-data - the Files connector does not.

Status: Completed

Hello - this feature is now available. You can read more about it here:

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I very much apprecoate this information and it makes sense.  I am struggling in my mind to figure out where in sharepoint I configure that as such.  Can you point me in the right direction?  Thanks, I know this is a dumb question.

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Open your list (TaskList in this case) go to List Settings (in the ribbon if you are using Old Shp Looks or webpart OR that litle stupid gear in top right corner in Modern Shp Look), find the Assigned to Collumn, click on it and it will open coll setting for you. 🙂

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I really need this to be added, this practically breaks the idea of using Flow and Sharepoint Online for my scenario. How can I get the custom fields added to file in Sharepoint? Any alternatives?


I was thinking of maintaining a list in parallel with the document/file's custom data. The thing is, how can I fill the list with file's data? If I use Flow the problem remains  the same.




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I had a parital workaround (dont know if it still works) here (msg #11), I wouldnt recomend maintaining a list in parallel as it would not work for files that are not at the root level of document library (hovewer I have this problem in my workaround too),but maybe it could work if you were able to write the document path to the helper list.


When a file is modified

  get path

write it to the item list 

   get ID 

get the last modified time (the same way as in my workaround)

  get custom colls

write it to the document library via get item in list function


Hovewer I have no Idea if it is possible 😞

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@avt how would you get the custom cols? You mean the custom cols on the list, right? That is something I want to avoid. Would be a pain for end users to maintain two parallel items (in the list and document library), for just one item.


I was thinking of using logic apps but it has the same problem. As well I thought of calling Microsoft Graph API by hand, (for example using an Azure function connector) but its authentication it's a pain. It is really hard, and it requires you to prompt an html doc to enter your credentials. I even posted here on on SO:


Anyone working here, please, need an aswer asap.





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Kindly include this feature

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Another workaround, valid only to update custom columns metadata:

Hope this helps

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+1 from me. This is absolutely basic functionality if you want to update the metadata of a file present in a library. A simple approval flow on a document seems to be only possible by using a workaround to 'get items' from the document library, and I just spent an hour to get that workaround to work (needless to say: I failed with errors ranging from 'Bad Gateway' to 'Bad filter request'.
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Something really strange happens concerning this problem. If you had "Get Item" step, then a "Create Item" step, you have access to the ID of the file created. But it is not offered in the step "Get Item" !

Also the ID is not at all an ID, this is the result after the creation of the item (last step) : 



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