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SharePoint 'Get Files (Properties Only)' connector - Allow to increase the limit to loop

If we use the SP Connector 'Get Files (Properties Only)' and right after we use an 'Apply to all' , we can only cycle through 100 documents.capture2.PNG



Please add the feature to increase that limit like we have in 'Get Items'.


Get Files (properties only):


Get Items: cap3.PNG




Thanks a lot

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Agreed, this would be very helpful.

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Stumbled on this limit also. please increase the limit thanks.

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Hello - I found a solution to this problem. If you expand the 'Show advanced options' link in the Get Files action, there is a line called Top Count. This is basically the item limit and you can set it to whatever you want apparently. I set mine to 10,000 and it cycled through all 178 documents in my library. 

Flow.pngFlow 2.png


Hope this helps




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Thanks a lot, never seen that option there but for sure I'll try !!