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SharePoint Get Items Filter

In the SharePoint Get Items action, under Advanced Options there is a Filter Query setting.  But it appears that this has not been implemented yet.  At least I cannot get it to work, and it other posts several people have indicated that the feature is still in development.  Please provide a timeline and escalate this.


Ideally, it would be vastly preferred to implement this in the main UI so that each SharePoint column had a field displayed so that we could do basic "equal to" filtering without using oDATA filters.  But in the meantime please implement the existing Filter Query feature.



Tom Castiglia

Status: Completed

It is now possible to use any standard OData in the Filter section

Helper IV

I am also trying to use filter query to get items whos title is equal to a certain value and am not having any luck. 

Advocate II

I just got confirmation from Flow support team that this has not been implemented yet.  They said it may be a while.

Advocate II

Please implement this feature request. The same question also exists at the PowerApps forum at

Helper IV

I put in a support request, they said not till march...

Helper IV

they also need to edit the blog post from august 16 introducing this feature to say it does not work...

Helper IV



Do you know if they have fixed filter query and iteration for sharepoint yet?

New Member


Can you explain me how to use it?

I need to use 'Get items' action to query all list items from the created list that contain 'Sold' in the title field. 

And then send a separate e-mail message (every hour, for example) for each queried item . 


Power Automate
Status changed to: Completed

It is now possible to use any standard OData in the Filter section

Regular Visitor

Thanks Stephen for the update.  I am trying to get the OData filter to work, but clearly can't figure out how to :-S  

Testing the advanced filter of the Sharepoint Get Items flow list, for now i have connected a button with text input and want to use that input value to filter the list based on the Sharepoint Title Column...


In the filter properties, I have tried various things but keep getting told 'bad request'  I am looking at something similar to... 


filter = Title eq 'triggerBody()['text']'



Frequent Visitor

Hi there, after numerous experiments by storming the error description details with the lack of clear documentation available, I managed to make the filters work with the following simple guidelines:

  • I have A and B sharepoint lists where A's column C is added as a lookup column in B. When A's items modified I want to send emails with the details from B
  • I put the "Sharepoint\When item changes" condition on A and "Sharepoint\Get Items" action for B and "Filter Query" as "C/ID eq [ID]" where you note the use of "/" not "." neither ":" and [ID] is pickable from "Add dynamic content" feature, which only lists the items of A.
  • Obviously after this condition you add "Outlook\Send Email" action or whatever you want
  • Simply put your filter criteria to the "Filter Query" box in advanced properties, no need to use "$filter=" or "filter", just start with the condition straight away.
  • If your column C contains any spaces in its name, use _x0020_ instead of spaces when using this name in "Filter Query" box.

Hope it works for you this time!