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SharePoint Lists add ability to select columns and limit lookup column expands

Currently the only ODATA customizations are 'Filter' 'Order By' 'Skip' 'Maximum retrieval'.


In order to avoid the error 'The query cannot be completed because the number of lookup columns it contains exceeds the lookup column threshold enforced by the administrator' there needs to be a way to limit expands on Lookup columns or only select the columns desired.

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For a similar reason, in that I want to be able to filter by a person field, or bring back data from a related table, I believe the GetItems should support $select as well as $expand parameters just like the ODATA standard and the SharePoint REST API.

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It's a set back that a SharePoint list containing too many 'look up' type columns can't be queried, even when the flow content doesn't require any dynamic content from the list. Similar post for PowerApps

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It is indeed frustrating to get this error with the connector and that the REST API call is able to returns the rows ...

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I agree that we need the support of the $expand operator to be able to filter on related records