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SharePoint Online List Item Print Form / Export to PDF

On SharePoint Online, We'd want to be able to easily Print - or export to PDF - a SharePoint list item. Basically want a print button at the top of the form... or failing that, export to pdf and then we can print from there.   Don't want complicated work-arounds.  Thanks.

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Advocate II

I agree, this would be very helpful.

Regular Visitor

I also agree. Now I'm trying to do it with flow or add-ins for a list. This should be available easily. I came here while searching the way.

New Member

Yes, I need this. We want to include the approval with invoices in one file for AP which means we have to get the approval into PDF. Even when we do a workaround, SP list items aren't printer-friendly anymore as they were in previous versions. We had to switch to Classic view to print what we needed.

Advocate I

Such basic functionality from a user's perspective. Crazy to have to create HTML or a merge document just to print a form. Hours versus seconds of work if the print() function worked.