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SharePoint Task List get ParentID



I am currently attempting to write a flow that would update the "parent" task of a subtask in a SharePoint Task List when the subtask is updated. As of right now, you do not get the option for "ParentID" or anything similar when trying this. Here is a screenshot:


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Is there any news on this? I would like to create a task list for project management and subtask based on a template.

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@Enticy I haven't heard anything... maybe add your vote to it and hopefully it'll get me attention.

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I also have a very similar requirement to be able to access/set the ParentID of a task item. Any ETA on adding this field?

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We have a similar requirement for creating the List of Subtasks once the Parent task is submitted. it should be assigned to different approvers. If the assignee had setup OutofOffice Notification, We should assign it to alternate approver. 


This has to be done  in sharepoint task list and using PowerAutomate. But we do not see any action that creates an items in Task list and mapping to the parent ID. 


Appreciate your consideration.

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Even we have similar requirement.

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Can we create a subtask in a Sharepoint online Task List using a flow yet? How does the Task List "indent" to make a Subtask, but we cannot perform the same action via programming?