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SharePoint Update Item should not have ALL fields.

Why did someone think it would be a good idea to make you have to update ALL the fields on an item with the update item task?


Can't you just provide maybe a drop down with fields, pick a field, set a value.  In the back ground the task would get the item, update just that field you provided, then post it back.


like...  why do I need to re-map every dang field.  so painful.

Status: New
Advocate I

You can use an HTTP POST request. Works great!

Advocate V

I work mostly with SharePoint lists as my data source -- and I can tell you that you don't need to update every single field. You can just leave them blank. (A couple years ago, I thought the same thing, but if that was ever the case, they must have fixed it.) However, you will need to replace any required fields and you need to watch out for boolean (yes/no) fields which MUST have a default value, and any other default values you have set. Those need to be wiped out and replaced with the ACTUAL value from the list. For this and many other reasons, I avoid requiring a lot of fields in my SharePoint lists. I just enforce the requirements through my Powerapps forms instead. Much more flexible that way.