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SharePoint When a new item is created - enable use of "multiple lines of text" field

See problem at


Currently a flow to post new Sharepoint list items to Slack can't handle HTML encoding in a "multiple lines of text" field

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Need to be able to work with multiple Lines of text in Flow. Unable to work with any MLT field in SharePoint. For example write to it, or output it to an email.


Power Apps Staff
Status changed to: Under Review
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I am also having an issue with this.  I am trying to have it evaluate the MLT field to ensure that it is not empty and flow just doens't recognize any MLT fields.

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I am also having a similar problem and had to negotiate with users.

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Does anyone know or have any idea when this is going to be fixed ? Currently this creates lot of problems when it comes to handle Multi Line Text columns and having a hard time convincing end users that it a limitation in Flow..

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I'm glad to see I'm not the only one with this issue; however the problem is intermittent for me. I am actually able to successfully send an email using Flow with details from a multiple text sharepoint list column; however it will suddenly insert the below before my Multiple Lines of Text field into my email. 

<div class="ExternalClassC5FBE84ABA0941829A2BD89B45CEC9A4"><p>
Please advise as to when this issue will be resolved. Hopefully ASAP as this is a high impact problem for our organization. 
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Not just Slack.  The same problem occurs when using a flow to post new Sharepoint list items to Yammer.  Please allow HTML encoding in a "multiple lines of text" field.  Thank you.

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I have the same issue and would like to see it resolved



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Any update to this? I am having the same problem simply sending reports out in email that include notes.