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SharePoint collect feedback flow



We regularly send out documentation for review when it has been updated using the OOTB SharePoint 2010 Collect Feedback.

Recently we had an issue with a workflow that was assigned to over 150 users, MS support said that this was a limitation of the now outdated system and we should be using flow but currently there is a approval flow that can be used to replace the OOTB SharePoint 2010 approval workflow but there is no Collect Feedback Flow to replace the OOTB SharePoint 2010 Collect Feedback.

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This is absolutely a necessity for several of our departments.

Kudo Commander

This is an important/common workflow.  This should be very easy for Micorosft to add.  They already have the underlying functionality with the Start an approval action. Use the same action, pull out the approve/reject logic.  When the user kicks off the email, he's doing so to ask for feedback (not approval).  The email that goes to the users giving feedback looks the same as the approval email, but without the approve/reject buttons. Rather there is one button that says GIVE FEEDBACK.  When the user clicks it the same box opens up in the users email that happens in Approval FLOWS and he/she types in feedback and clicks SUBMIT.  The feedback is then sent to the user via email and is made available in Response Comments dynamic feedback.  

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This would be very helpful and something that is lacking in the modern library experience.  I agree with @WillyD44, this should be pretty easy for Microsoft to implement.

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Considering that Microsoft announced back in July that they are calling a halt to the OOTB SharePoint 2010 workflows I would have thought that they would have put something in place for the Collect Feedback flow. I ran the Modernisation Scanner on our site and found that we have 108 Collect Feedback Workflows on our site and there is not really a Flow to replace it. Yes I have put something together in "Power Automate" but its hardly a good replacement for the OOTB SharePoint 2010 Collect Feedback flow. Very Poor.

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Hi All,


I had a similar requirement, I tried below hack and it worked for me exactly like a Feedback box in email.

 Here it goes,

1. Use "Create an Approval" Action.

2. Select Approval Type: "Custom Responses - Wait for one response"

3. Add only one Response option Item under this, e.g. "Feedback".





4. Mark Outcome is equal to "Feedback" in approver response condition and you will get feedback message

in "Responses Comments" property of "Create an Approval" action. So that your condition will always be true and you can manage your further actions under true condition.




5. I got below email like these requesting for feedback.


Hope this helps you.