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SharePoint create a site

This will give as a ability to trigger to Create Site as a flow event.




If "Item Create on List" Create "SharePoint Site base"


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The components are already in Flow to create modern team sites & communication sites. We have an active model using PowerApps & Flow to provision new sites.

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@CraigWhite Do you have any documentation that you can provide for that? I contacted support on this and they told me it can't be done the Microsoft actions.

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@msmith I just used this as a reference & configured the 'Send an HTTP request to SharePoint' in Flow to do what I needed. Easy game, easy life

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I love this idea. The workarounds are too complicated for information workers.

I want that a new pubishing site collection is created for a new then when a new team in Teams was created, so the Teams team can publish public content there for being used in Intranet dashboards hub site.

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With the ability to create a site, we could have a "Create site" button on our home site, where the employees could choose what hub they wanted in to, what site design they wanted on their site and so on. 


Please make this happen 😃