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SharePoint create a site

This will give as a ability to trigger to Create Site as a flow event.




If "Item Create on List" Create "SharePoint Site base"


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I would love to be able to have an action that triggered the creation of a new SharePoint site.

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Create SharePoint site with a specific template would be great feature.

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It will be a bit urgent cause old Event Receivers are not compatible since SP2010 and implement a new dev for that is too much for SMB market.


Example, list of project, on new entry simply create a subsite with default template ... based on an URL field calculated or the listIDline.


Tnaks a lot, pleaaaaase !

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Would love to have a flow:
When adding an item to a list


Create Site

from template


Assign Owner

Assign group as members

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this is a basic requirement. Create an item on a list (for example, the list is for events that are coming up) and Flow should automatically create a SharePoint site to coordinate that event

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Similar requirements to others:


1) User requests a new project site

2) If request approved - create a new project subsite

3) Create an item based on data supplied by user



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This can be done with using the standard REST APIs within SharePoint 2013 Workflows in SharePoint Designer, which works every time.

I then applied the same JSON logic within a HTTP Call in MS Flow & get an error (open thread here) so at the very least would expect this to work.

However, the very simple ability to have an MS Flow extension that could do this with ease, along with additional new site setups such as:
- Setting unique permissions & creating bespoke Visitor, Member, Owner groups
- Populating those groups with users (ie if triggered from a list, uses a People Picker field in Flow to then update the newly created groups)
- Allow switching on/off of Access Request settings
- Ability to set bespoke permission levels for to newly created groups


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This can be done fairly easy with tooling already available:

  1. Create a flow based on your requirements (e.g. based on a list item, using an approval, etc)
  2. Create an Azure Function and use the PNP Powershell tooling to deploy your template

This wil give you alle the options you need.

Helper V

Looks like this is exactly what you need:


Create site by custom template and grant permissions


Also you can apply PnP provisioning templates to your sites. Read this article for details.


This article explains how to use Plumsail SharePoint connector, which is a part of Plumsail Actions (third party set of connectors for Microsoft Flow with a fair price).