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SharePoint create a site

This will give as a ability to trigger to Create Site as a flow event.




If "Item Create on List" Create "SharePoint Site base"


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I would love to be able to have an action that triggered the creation of a new SharePoint site.

Level: Powered On


Level: Power Up

Create SharePoint site with a specific template would be great feature.

Level: Power Up

It will be a bit urgent cause old Event Receivers are not compatible since SP2010 and implement a new dev for that is too much for SMB market.


Example, list of project, on new entry simply create a subsite with default template ... based on an URL field calculated or the listIDline.


Tnaks a lot, pleaaaaase !

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Would love to have a flow:
When adding an item to a list


Create Site

from template


Assign Owner

Assign group as members