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SharePoint item operations with a dynamic site url value

It would be good to be able to specify an arbitrary set of columns in the SharePoint Create / Update item actions, instead of the Flow UI validating my Site / List selection for me.


The scenario is where I'd like to pass in a sub-site URL as a parameter to the Flow (using a Request trigger and custom JSON payload).  The value passed in to the flow will be used in the Site Address value of the Create / Update item action, and another value will be used in the List Name parameter.


There is no way for the Flow UI to know what columns are available at design time, so we would need a way to enter column internal names and values dynamically.

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I have a flow making invoices of customers available on sharepoint.

For each trigger (invoice creation) I want to put it in a document library (one for each customer).

I have all actions in 1 flow, even the create item in sharepoint can be dynamic on destination.

Only for the item update (metadata/content type) I need a switch for each customer.. feels bad

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I just built a parent / child workflow where I have the same set of actions I want to perform on all the calendars on all of my sites.  So I made that one flow and planned to just call that flow from each of the other flows.  But then I learned I couldn't pass the Site url into the update item action, so no go.  This would be great to have.