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SharePoint trigger When an existing item/file is modified

You need to re-add the "When an existing item is modified" and "When an existing file is modified". It was replaced by "Created or Modified" and that is not sufficient. There are cases where certain logic is only executed on creation, and other logic only on modification. Now, don't get me wrong, created and/or modified running the same logic also has uses!


With only having the trigger "created or modified" and wanting only certain logic to run on a modification, I have to add logic to ignore creations. You're making more work for your users and taking away basic functionality.

Status: Under Review

Hi everyone, thank you for the feedback, and apologies about the frustration you are feeling.


To clarify, we never had a "When an item/file is modified" trigger. It was called that, but the behavior was the same as what we have today. So we merely renamed it to reflect what it was doing, as it was causing a different kind of frustration.


The best way to identify item modified remains checking for the difference between created and modified timestamps to be "close enough". Most of the time these will be the same. However, things get out of sync when a large file is being uploaded, where the library item will get created, and then the file upload will complete and change the timestamp. Similarly, when creating a list item, first the item will be created, and then you will have modified events when each attachment completes uploading.


We will review how we can make this experience better, but it is a little challenging due to the reasons I tried to explain, so it will not be a quick fix that will be coming in a few weeks.

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Hey @Kkrick


I completly agree with you.

Now we have to work around the created trigger.

Sometimes you get two emails if you create a item/file and then change the name or set another value, then you have two runs for the same item/file which is inconvienent.


Kind regards




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Another way to approach this would be to have a condition that allows us to distinguish between a file created and modified, so we can set different actions of teh File Created or Modified Trigger.



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I'd like to add my voice to this. I'm trying to stay calm but I can't imagine why you got rid of this connector. I have a very specific need for this. I have a list full of items that are sort of correlated to items in another list. I have a column I use to match one to the other, and I want some logic to run when an item in the source list is modified, but I *DONT* want anything to happen when an item is created in the source list.


Please, give us back the connector or at least do what stellagoddc recommends, a way to find out if the trigger was set off by a modify or a create. This is kind of ridiculous.

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Still hoping for a response from the Flow team =|

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Even if they were to provide us with an explanation as to why they had to turn it off. I understand sometimes there are reasons for things like this to go away, but in this case it's pretty hard to imagine! I still have old Flows that use it, and they work, so I dunno what on earth is going on.

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I agree. I have a set of actions that are initiated by create and another completely separate set that should be initiated only on modify. I have to add a condition to weed out the creates in my modify flow. But that is inefficient as it runs TWO flows on creates, one that does nothing. I'm hoping Logic Apps has the distinction, otherwise it will initiate a transaction charge for nothing.

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Flow team: How can this item not be "in progress"? Is there a reason this trigger was removed?


This is also causing unnecessary flow runs, eating away on the 2000 run limit. Is this limitation in place to force more flow runs, pushing users to upgrade to a more expensice plan?

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Well, at least my already existing flows that were created with the modified trigger still work. Although even that fact is kind of irritating because it shows me that it STILL EXISTS SOMEWHERE. Come on guys, we're trying to be reasonable here. The least you could do is give us a justification for why it was removed. Maybe something about the connector API changed, who knows.

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Thought I had a nice workaround by adding a condition that compares Created On and Modified On...

Well until I had these two timestamps after creating a list item:

Created:             2018-05-24T07:40:05Z

Modified:            2018-05-24T07:40:04Z


Yes, we definitely need the "When a list item is modified".



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You discovered TIME TRAVEL!


Seriously this is gettigng ridiculous though. Not even an EXPLANATION as to why it was changed. I get it, I'm sympathetic to developers. I understand maybe the software library they use to make these connectors might have changed or they had to do this for some reason, but at LEAST tell us why!