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Shared mailbox calendar support

Please add:

a "Create event for a shared mailbox calendar" action

an "Update event for a shared mailbox calendar" action

a "When a new event is added to a shared mailbox calendar" trigger


Where these actions are permitted if you are a member of the shared mailbox.


This would allow the creation of a Company Travel shared mailbox where the travel is shown on the calendar, and emails gernerated by the approval flow are in the Sent folder for the mailbox.  The sequeunce would be: An employee adds an event to the calendar, which triggers an approval process, which results in a reject email or a updated event with Approved in the body.

Status: New
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Yes please. This would be so helpful.

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  • I'm not sure of the technical definition of "Shared calendar" is but would be great if it included calendars for shared accounts that you have added to your account. 
  • Please also include Delete event capabilities for the additional calendars
  • Would be great if it was developed in such a way to leverage the existing Create Event, Update Event,  and Delete Event actions in Flow by simply including these additional calendars in the calendar selection 



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I would like to use this to copy 'out of office' calendar items to the calendar of our (department) shared mailbox. This creates an easy overview ot who is in or out the building. 



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Please add this feature! It would be incredibly helpful.

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Please add this feature. Would be very useful. 

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Thumbs up for this idea!

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Is there any workaround to address this scenario for now?

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I agree - this would be really helpful.

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I was able to use the Create event actions of the Outlook Office 365 Connector on a Shared Mailbox:


Also Update and Delete were sending the attendees email updates:



You just need to make sure that the Flow Connection is using an account with the right permissions on the Shared Mailbox and its Calendar.

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@Django how did you do it?
Could you please provide more detials steps?