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Sharepoint Copy File Retaining Version History

When using SharePoint Copy File action either change Replace or add a new option to add the new file to the version history rather than deleting the existing file and resetting the version back to 1. This would reflect what happens if someone updates a file or uploads a new file with the same name as an existing file.


The current scenario is more like delete destination file and then copy.

Status: New
Advocate I

Note that the older "SharePoint - Copy File" action that is now deprecated originally had this functionality when set to overwrite. 

New Member

This is truly unexpected behaviour. We've been telling all SharePoint users that when you add a document to a library and the Filename already exists it will be overwritten if Versioning is off but will create a new version when Versioning is turned on. No matter where or with what you did the copy/move. Even now, with the Copy and Move options in SharePoint online.

But...guess what, Microsoft removes it from Power Automate with no option to bypass in a proper manner. This means no correct working DMS can be made since version trail breaks with first copy.

Please fix!

Helper II

I completely agree - This is a must.

Why would Microsoft REMOVE this feature in an update?

It's just crazy...

Regular Visitor

Really unlogical situation.

If I upload an already existing file manually, it creates a new version. (normal behavior).

If I use Copy File action with 'Replace' option while the document with that name already exists, it deletes that document and copies the new one.

Note that the overwritten docment is really gone!!! 

It's not even in the recycle bin. You really have 'Data Loss' here! 


Must be fixed!