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Sharepoint Create Folder

Glad to have possibility in flow to have an action to create Folder in Sharepoint and give permission to it for people.

Status: Completed

Hi all,


Happy to announce the 'Create new folder' action is now available in the SharePoint Connector! Smiley Happy




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Can you add the possibility of adding Folders on Sharepoint Libraries

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You can work around this by posting a new file to a new path. The Sharepoint API automagically handles creation of the folder. Drop in a readme.txt and you're good to go.

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Just created an Azure Function to do it. You can use a swagger definition in your Microsoft Flow to call it. Read this blog post for more information.

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I followed until creating a custom connector in flow. In creating custom connector I got below error.

“We weren’t able to download the Swagger 2.0 metadata. Please make sure the URL is publicly accessible.”

Could you please help me solve it?

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If you can create folders under conditions such as posting users, management will be simplified.
We hope for early implementation.

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Would love just a basic copy folder and contents from one library, site and/or site collection to another.  

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This is needed.



I want to drive consistent set up for regular meeting with

- create a new agenda OneNote page from template

- create a consistently named folder for pre reading material

- create a next steps bucket in planner


thanks for implementing it

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I would like to be able to create a folder, specify content type, and update properties.

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You can easily create SharePoint folders and a few subfolders at a time in Microsoft Flow with the help of Plumsail Actions.
It has Plumsail SP connector that provides a set of actions for SharePoint management, including creating, moving, copying folders cross-site.
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I'm creating folders in sharepoint all the time with flow using variables in Folder Path line in the Flow 


For example I need a folder for each sales order, so we have a place to put docs for that order. If the sales order is "14545" then I want to create that folder within the "Orders" doc library (if it's not already there). 


so i use this as the path



where <folder> is the sales order number


in reality my use is more complex as i need this sales order folder to actually be created under a parent folder inside the orders folder


So I use this   /Orders/<parent_folder>/<folder>


I caclulate the <parent_folder> variable based off the <folder> value within the Flow with a series of expressions so end up with this folder structure


/Orders/14500 to 14599/14545


this way it keeps things nice and tidy for me. and this flow is kicked off by a SQL trigger that stores all sales orders, so when a new one is raised it fires and creates this nice folder structure in Sharepoint. 


Simples 🙂