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Sharepoint Create Folder

Glad to have possibility in flow to have an action to create Folder in Sharepoint and give permission to it for people.

Status: Completed

Hi all,


Happy to announce the 'Create new folder' action is now available in the SharePoint Connector! Smiley Happy




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@StephenM your approach sounds very intersting, however yet I miss deeper knowledge. Would you be so kind to share some more details and maybe a screenshot or two to illustrate your procedure?

Thanks so much!

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That would be a nice feature!

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@StephenM  Curious how you're creating folders without creating files.    The "Create File" action requires a file to be added.  So I can put a value in the folder path that creates a new folder, but I then create a text file in the folder, then in the same flow delete the new text file.  I don't see a way to just create a folder.  Can you provide more detail on how you're creating folders?

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agree with @markalan928 - also wonder and eager to learn how to create a folder without using a dummy file

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This is insane!!   2 years later and we can't say that Flow can fully replace SharePoint Designer since it can't create a simple folder (the most basic need for content management).   Not happy 😞


Yet, MS Flow supports some useless 3rd party connectors... but MS is not prioritizing their own ecosystem benefits.


I'm sad and baffled...  and now my project has new risks.

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MS Flow can create Sharepoint folders. I do a few dozen times a day with my flows in three quick steps. 


create a flow to create a file

make the location of where to save the file the folder you want to create

delete the file


you're left with the folder you wanted






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I cannot believe this was not build on day 1!!!  Smiley Sad

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creating folders and sub folders WITHOUT a dummy file is possible. i'm now doing it loads with my flows thanks to Pieter Veenstra's blog post


here's how...

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I voted!


Please be a lad and vote my idea, to increase the approval timeout (or just general timeout) of flows to MORE THAN 30 DAYS!!


I'm at 155 votes, more is better.


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This is definitely a must have