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Sharepoint Flow Button Should NOT require Edit or Write permissions

Currently the Sharepoint Flow integration button does not appear in the button bar if the user does not have edit permission on the viewed List or Library.  This prevents the ability to starting a read-only flow that uses data from a selected item (e.g. "Add to reference list"), but does not write.


This restriction doesn't seem to be necessary, and should be removed.

Status: New
Advocate I

Note that this concept needs to extend to run-only users, in both BYO Connection and Embedded Connection modes. My use case is to publish a read-only document library organisation wide, and allow people to submit workflows against it; in my case, this is to save an endorsement of a document in another list.


FYI This idea is also covered under the Bug topic Sharepoint list as a run-only user

Advocate I

A little more testing...  If the sharepoint library browser page is loaded while user has Edit or Contribute permission, the Flow menu will render on page.

If the permissions are then reduced to Read, the flow will then subsequently continue to successfully launch and complete, both from the button bar, and from an in-column JSON formatted launch button.


So everything works fine in the backend - the page is just not loading the right magic to render the flow menu or initiate the call.

Advocate I

This idea also covered by Run a SharePoint workflow

New Member

I'm not sure if this helps but I have given users a custom permission level so that they have Read + the ability to Edit documents. This lets them run the Flow but obviously they can now Edit the list. I have then gone to the list settings and given Item-level permissions to not allow editing.


This seems to give users Read-only access, with the ability to run a FLow, from a Json button.

Advocate I

I'd pitch it at Read but snip it out at restricted read; that would seem in line with expectations.

Helper II

I'm trying to leverage this flow in our intranet site that allows users to report an outdated or invalid file. We can't allow edit access to our files or lists. All users are read only unless they're the program owner. So this miss means I can't use it 😞 would have been a great feature to add to our site. If anyone has recommendations in the interim, I could use it!