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Sharepoint - Get content approval status

When a set content approval status to Pending by using the submit action, I get this error when the file is already in pending status.


"message""The current state of the item is Pending and the following action Submit cannot be implemented


I could avoid this by checking if the document is already in pending status before doing this action however there is no action to get the Approval Status of a document.



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The possibility get content appproval status would be a big step forward for the approval workflows in Microsoft flow. Now it's hard to check if a document is already approved or not which can cause problems like:Multiple people approving the same document -> flow runs multiple times, difficult to send a daily overview of documents that need approval.

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We need a way to check what the status of an approval is


Currently have a flow which checks for modifications to a folder, once there is a modification a approval request is triggered

However... when this document gets appended to be approved or rejected, it updates the file again, causing another approval trigger

I just need to add in a condition to check the current approval status. However there is no way to do this



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I am looking for something similar... I am in need of a flow that allows multiple people to be notified of a document update.. 


User A adds a item to a spread sheet.

The flow then sends and approval to User B.

User B adds spec info to item User A added to the spread sheet

The flow then sends aditional approval to User C who finalizes the the item setup and then notifies User B it is complete..





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need to send email notification after the doucment is manually aproved. since Approval Status field cannot be pulled, cannot use MS Flow

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I am looking for this in Logic Apps as well.

The action Set Approval Content Status is available, but the Get ... action isn't...


Very critical

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This issue is also affecting me. I want to filter a sharepoint document library and send a notification out for all documents that are still pending approval. But the Approval_x0200_Status column cannot be seen by flow. Very frustrating for something that should be simple.

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Hi everyone,


I agree that this is something that would be a big help for approval flows, however until they get around to it I do have a solution that is pretty easy to implement that should help.  You simply need to parse through a http call to: api/web/lists/GetByTitle(‘<Title>’)/items(<ID>)?$select=OData__ModerationStatus


More information and some step-by-step procedures can be found here:

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Also consider a Start Condition for your Trigger, for example SharePoint Create/Modify Item:




Would only start, when the Content Approval is on Pending Status (ModerationStatus)