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Sharepoint List Version History

When you click on alert me in a list you recieve an alert when an item changes that highlights the changes.  (too bad you can't customize the alert me)


I have many custom FLOWS that go to certain groups based on the column selections.  Most of these list have 20 or more columns.  When an item is updated, an alert goes out, but it only shows the current version of the item, which leads to more emails asking what was changed. 

I am proposing...

  1. FLOW should be able to pull the previous version as well as the current version.
  2. FLOW should be able to highlight the changes to an item. Old value New Value


Status: New
Kudo Kingpin

If we could highlight the column that has changed and use it has dynamic content so it can be added to email, for example that would be a massive help. Otherwise we are relying on people remembering which is difficult when teams are looking at multiple elements at any one time. 


Please find a way to make this better Microsoft.