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Sharepoint - Move File

There's no option to move file in Sharepoint as an action based on something else. There's copy and delete but that's a clunky solution.

Status: Completed

There are now actions for direct move of flies, and folders, in SharePoint. You can read more about them here:

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we need Move, so that the durable link to the file is supported in the move. We already have move between folders within a library supported in the O365 interface, but not between libraries. Requested functionality is to add connector to move file between folders, libraries, and sites in SharePoint.  

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Seriously. We need a Move to move an approved policy from one folder to another.

Level: Powered On

The move action should exist for files and items (and even document sets). It should allow to move to a different library/list or folder, with the choice of including the version history or not. The move should keep the original metadata (created, created by, modified, modified by).

Level: Powered On

Any update on this?


In the interim, is there a way if any file (vs. one specific named file) in the folder 1, once approved, it can be copied to folder 2, then deleted (which obviously would be obsolete with a 'move' option)?


Thanks for any insight.

Super User

You can use the Move SharePoint Folder from Library action to move a folder to nested structure of folder or even cross-site.


This action is in "Plumsail SP" connector, which is a part of Plumsail Actions product.


Note, it is a paid third-party solution. But it provides a rich set of actions that simplify working with SharePoint, permissions, and documents.