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Sharepoint Outlook : Delete Email

Hi All,


How about providing a dynamic data option for the 'Message ID' required in this action. 🙂


It would  be really great to be able to delete an approval email once a user has already chosen an option.


Or I missed something here and need you guys to help me see the light.


Many thanks.

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There's an additional option to select; when displaying the Dynamic Content box, click on the 'See More' option in the top right hand corner - this will display additional fields you can use, one of which is Message ID.



New Member

I dont see any 'See More' options anywhere, approval email or delete email trigger. Any chance you could post an screen shot image of this option, please ????


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Hi @sansopau, sure - see below




After bringing up the Dynamic Content options, clicking 'See More' enabled me to find the Message ID that doesn't show by default.


Hope that helps & hopefully you can see/use the above.