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Sharepoint - Trigger Emails when current date exceeds date field

I would like to trigger alert emails to an Action item owner every week once the End date value in a list column is exceeded. This could be applied to several scenarios.

Status: New
Level: Power Up

I agree with this enhancement.  I would also like a trigger to look at a specific date proactively.  Is there a way for the Flow app to listen to dates and scan the entire list/library for a specified date column.  Is it possible to do without pausing the workflow?  Meaning, only kick off the workflow if a specific date column meets a criteria.  Pausing the workflow causes the workflow to not end unless the date is reached.  Even if we have to use the Pause/until method, it would be great for Flow to watch dates for notifications.  This is requested by many in our organization. 

Level: Powered On

We use this type of action in many of out lists useing SharePoint designer workflows, the lack of this function in flow is one of the reasons we haven't gone forward with it. We have several lists with due dates in them and currently user Workflows to send out reminders 45, 30, and 15 days before the due date. Adding this feature to Flow will enable us to move to the latest MS product platform.