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Sharepoint Update Item Usability Improvement

Many times when  you want to update a Sharepoint Item all you want to do is change one or two fields,  currently the Update Item action defaults alot of field (Choice fields default to the default value and Yes/No fields also default).   And the required fields should also except empty except for ID which is needed to find the item to be updated.


Currently you can set all these fields to empty (Choice and Yes/No) but it is clumsy and time consuming to do this and for most of those fields you may not want to change the current value so the defaulting that is used with Update Item is not a good usable design

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Indeed there are multiple issues.


  • You should be able to select the fields you want to update and
  • You need to fill mandatory fields, even if you don't change them,... that is useless, if the id is given, the unique item in the list to get updated, has been identfied.
    1. update it with a dynamic value or.
    2. have the option to clear it 
  • Fields not specificly mentioned should remain unchanged.
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This is really a good request. I currently worked on a Flow for a list with 200 columns and ~40 had default values I did NOT want to change, still I had to remove all values from thos. This might sound easy but when you in the same flow need to do 6 update items for differnt status changes it becomes very time consuming.
Then when charing and set the connection on another account I had to redo everything using that account!?!?!?!?? WHY? everything was set and I just wanted to connect via a service account!

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I can't believe this has gotten so little attention. I registered just to post it if somebody hadn't...


We have a list with a large number of columns, and some complex operations I need to do in Flows. this means every time I pull an Update List, I have to pick through way too many columns and remove some default value.


Either let us specify which columns the Update should affect, or let us toggle defaults on/off, I don't care.

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This idea is a duplicate suggested back in 2016. Don't worry, it's been completely ignored.