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Sharepoint - create new userdefined list

It would be awesome to have the Flow-Action "Create new sharepointlist" where I can creat a new userdefined/custom list on a sharepoint-website.

Further it would be neccessary to define colum-names and column-types within this Flow-action. So it would be possible to dynamically add a new sharepoint-list, based on a predefined settings within my flow. 


An example would be: 

Step one: Create a new list named "Alex's fancy new stuff-list" 

Cloumn 1: Fistname - column-type: text

Column 2: lastname - column-type: text

Column 3: birthdate - column-type: date/time

Column 4: zip code - colum type: number



I think it's obvious where this goes, right? Cat Very Happy

Cheers for makeing this happen, microsoft. (fingers crossed) Heart

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Even simpler - can we please have a Flow Action that would allow the user to Create a New SharePoint List using Content Types to populate the fields?