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Sharepoint "When an item is deleted" connector, get item's metadata/properties

Hello there,

I think it would be really good for the SP connector "when an item is deleted" to allow other dynamic content than only "is a folder"/"deleted hour"/"ID"/"name"/"Filename with extension"/"Deleted by".


User case :

A user delete an item in SP.

The flow is triggered by this deletion.

I want to send an email/notification to users (say attendees), that the item has been deleted. I want to give more details about the deleted item in the email.


A site's visit (Name : "Site B Visit", VisitDate: "2018-12-23", Visit Guide: "John DOe") is deleted, I want to send an email to all the attending customers that the Site B Visit, scheduled on 23d December 2018 is deleted.

Status: New