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Sharing Power Automate Desktop Flows to other users

Allow users to share Power Automate Desktop Flows to other users

Status: New

There has been a document about sharing Power Automate

Nevertheless, now there's no share button at all in the template screenshot below when click on the PAD flow properties


Apparently, the articles also listed in known issue stating: 


Currently, you can only view your own flow runs. In the future, we will have the capability for co-owners to view the runs of all users.


That might be paraphrased the share function now is unavailable.


Please help to update this feature available the same as in the article so it will cause no confusion for users. 


Resolver I

I worked for days on a PAD flow and now am ready to share it, only to find there is no way to share it. When will this feature be enabled?

New Member

Under Known issues and limitations in, it just says, "The Desktop flow sharing functionality is currently available on recently created environments only."

What counts as "recently created" and when will all environments have the ability to share desktop flows?


I'm in a similar situation to @joshd111 where I've created a flow and now can't share it with my team.

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The only mechanism for sharing seems to be a copy and paste of the PAD flow steps into a text document then shared with another user where they can then copy and paste into their environment. However, this doesn't include the UI elements that are used by the flow just the flow steps only. This is a big issue for us and one of our clients as several weeks has been spent on this project now and we just found out you can't export UI elements. When could we see this functionality be added? Thanks!

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You can share PAD flows via "solution" just fine. If it is within same environment you just share with other users, otherwise you share externally and you will get a zip file that can be imported via solution as well.

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@GhitaFjorback I’ll give that a try and post results — Thank you!

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@GhitaFjorback - Worked like a charm thank you!! Saved a ton of time.

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@jday1335 You're welcome. 🙂

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For anybody else who's looking to share desktop flows, here's a summary of a few ways to do it: or if you prefer to watch: