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Sharing flows without sending an email notification



can we get a simple checkbox that would turn OFF sending an email notification when sharing run-only flows. I have flows that are shared with the whole org and it is becoming spam-like.


...managers hate it and users are confused, even more so when I have to send a second email that actually explains the flow with the text "that you should ignore previous email" that usually contains a link and screenshots as to how actually use the flow.


Also that blue "Get Button" button is useless for flows that runs on specific SHP items, it just generates errors from 100+ users that clicks on it ...


I would use share run-only with a SHP list but I cant give the whole org edit permission for these lists. (we use contribute as we dont allow deleting items), if there is a way to change it to contribute please let me know.


Thanks. A.

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Our users struggle enough with the complexities of SharePoint, and we can't afford to mystify them further by sending out confusing messages that don't even make sense in the given contrext.

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Running into the same issue here.  We are a large company and I need to share run only flows with all, but they CANNOT receive the "Welcome to Flow" email.  

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I'd also like to disable email notification invites. My company wants to create Button flows that will be shared as "Run only" across the company. Users don't need to be email spammed each time we create one. It'd be best if we could just point them to the "Get More" menu within the Flow app for them to see the list of available Flows where they can pick and choose which they ones want to add.

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No replies from the product team on this one, please show us some attention on this. 😉


I'm just amazed how much the user is spammed by the Power Automate service and you don't have any option to turn this off, what a joke. 😤


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Completely agree with all these sentiments - it's very commonplace for admins to create flows for users who do not need to be alerted to the fact that it's been shared, as it will be communicated in a bespoke format - or just doesn't require communicating in the first place. Please get this implemented.


One workaround I have taken to using is share to a security group which doesn't have an email address. Depending on your setup, this may mean extra manual involvement - but it does mean that users don't receive these mostly pointless emails.

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Agree. The setup in PowerApps would be perfect. (Option to share with everyone in the organization and a checkbox to turn off notifications).
Of note, the confusion by users is magnified when the flow that has been shared with them needs to be triggered from a powerapp or otherwise to run. Not only do they get spammed but they can't run the flow as specified in the email.  

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Agree with the above comments on this issue. Most of the flows I create run processes in the back of PowerApps. Users get very confused when they receive emails about flow and often think an action is required.

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Same here. Please give us a toggle to be able to turn notifications on or off. Thanks.