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Shifts time off request

Hello, I'm new to flows and automation but it seems there is no alert triggered when a staff member requests time off in Shifts for Teams, unless you are reviewing activity on mobile view.
Would love to be able to trigger actions such as updating the calendar and Sharepoint list and flow to all sorts of cool tricks like Out of Office reminders 🙂

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Shifts must get an update where managers (as defined in Active Directory) are notified when their staff requests time off. As it stands, the manager has no indication that a request has been made. This should be done via email - as Teams does with missed messages - and badge on the Shifts icon.

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According to, The Shifts feature is always tied to a team in Teams. Every team in Teams can have one schedule in Shifts. The team owners are the managers in Shifts, and they can create schedules to be shared with the members of the team. 


The approval in my test as the Team owner goes to me; notified only on Mobile. A trigger event is needed to for 'When a request is made'


Unfortunately, while I'm the owner, I should not be approving Leave Requests. I wish there was a way to denote the correct approver as my org does not maintain manager within AD.

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@ChrisMendoza This is what we noticed as well: Shifts sent a notification to my mobile device, but nothing to email or no badge visible on the Shifts icon.


To help with this, I created a Power Automate Flow. I have the Flow set to run every morning at 10 AM. Using the Shifts Connector, I am checking to see if there are any pending time off requests. If so, I convert the requested time off start & end dates to my local timezone, then I send an email to all managers letting them know that they have a request to approve.


What's lousy about this is:

  1. I shouldn't have had to create this Flow. It should be baked into Shifts.
  2. Shifts knows the requester's manager ID, but does not make the manager name available. Therefore, I have to send the notification to all managers.
  3. Shifts knows the requester's ID, but has no ability to display the name. For the time being, I'm sending the GUID, until such time as Microsoft sees fit to expose the names instead of IDs.


So, I've made a very hacky workaround that none of the managers loves, but at least it's only once per day.


Come on, Microsoft! Shifts is supposed to be the replacement for StaffHub. How can you release a half-baked product like this?!