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Show API cost of flow in Flow Settings Window - for Flow Owners / Make it easier to make flows run within specified concurrency limits

We run into issues with hitting limits on a heavy flow (which has lots of lookups, arrays, splits, writes) . It seems to happen when that flow is triggers many times in the same hour/day (normally month end).


Without being 0365 admins, we have no view as to what's happening. 


But as flows and users are limited by the amount of flows / API calls they can make in a day, etc, it would be great if Microsoft could show the flow owner, on that flow, what the API cost is of that flow based on what's happening inside it. So if a flow API cost is 50, then the flow owner can decide how it should be run e.g.  run as many as flows as possible or only run 3 at a time


It's obviously calculated internally for MS, but just not visible to us end users


This cost calculation would really allow the flow owner to then determine the max number of concurrent flows that could run so that it doesn't hit any limits which then cause flows to stall and then kicks of a nightmare process to review/resubmit flows , etc. The problem is some flows write stuff , and if the flow hangs or hangs towards the end, one needs to troubleshoot everything to be sure duplicates, etc are not created (if the flow was to be resubmitted).  



Status: New